For the Love of Lavender


27 September 2020

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For the Love of Lavender

When it comes to calming, restful essential oils, Lavender tops the list with a longstanding and worldwide reputation for supporting serenity. It’s a prime ingredient in most oil blends intended to promote tranquility, and from ancient times people have known there was something special about the delightful and delicate lavender flower. Used by ancient Egyptians and Romans for bathing, perfume, and even cooking, this floral oil’s most notable and used attribute in the present day is its relaxing nature.


Let dōTERRA® Lavender bring balance and bliss to bedtime in your home with this must-try diffuser blend!


Twinkling Stars

4 drops Lavender

2 drops Cedarwood

2 drops Vetiver

2 drops Geranium


As those blinks grow steadily slower, encourage a peaceful drift off to dreamland by adding a few drops of Lavender oil to your dreamer’s pillowcase, bedding, or the bottoms of their feet. You may want to lead into this bedtime routine by kicking it off with a bath kissed by a few drops of this pleasantly intoxicating essential oil. Grown-ups, too, will benefit from Lavender’s soothing aromatic properties; so make sure to share its treasures across the generations of your loved ones.


Lavender is versatile, of course, and will not stand to be confined to this one single, albeit vital application! During your waking hours, when your head is nowhere near a pillow, it’s another perfect time to call on Lavender. Employ it to help reduce feelings of stress and wind things down in an atmosphere that seems to be spinning out of control. Just as a sudden downpour can halt our plans, causing us to pause and reconsider what needs to be done imminently, an aromatic bouquet centered on Lavender can help us reset and breathe in sweet feelings of renewed peace.


Rainy Afternoon

4 drops Lavender

2 drops Vetiver

2 drops Lemon


Lest we leave out Lavender’s topical uses, it bears mentioning that this oil is a helpful go-to for soothing and repairing both irritations and imperfections on the skin. When you’ve been sun-kissed beyond what is considered wise and comfortable, for example, tend to those areas kindly with a spray of Lavender oil mixed with Tea Tree and Peppermint. Your skin will be ever so thankful!


In addition to this litany of uses, Lavender essential oil also makes a beautiful air freshener for just about any space you can think of. Treat your senses, quiet your restlessness, and promote emotional peace with this one powerful floral oil. Relax…Lavender is here.

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