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Mike & Stephanie McGuire



Steph is a wife, mother of two, early childhood educator, marriage and family counselor, dancer, professional mentor, health and wellness coach, and entrepreneur.


Steph was born and raised near Grand Junction, Colorado, as one of nine children. Growing up in a large family, she learned the value of work at a young age and started a babysitting business at the age of ten. Her passion for educating young people and her entrepreneurial spirit came through early in life as she would often make $500 a day in her business.


As her reputation had grown, her services had become in such high demand that she could create this income by accepting 15 children at a time. By the time the parents came home, Stephanie would have the home completely organized, and the children happily engaged in various activities, which she loved preparing in advance.


For Stephanie, nurturing little people, starting businesses from scratch, and teaching organization skills at all levels would become lifelong passions and callings. As a last-ditch effort to help Steph overcome severe shyness, her parents enrolled her in dance at the age of five. She developed a great work ethic for dance throughout her childhood and teenage years. During these years, Stephanie studied dance and invested a lot of time in the arts in general — choreographing, dancing, singing, and regularly performing in care centers for the elderly (whom she came to love and adore).

Spending time with the older generation fostered a deep love for history, which would later fuel other significant opportunities in service and education. Steph graduated in English and Early Childhood Education from Colorado Mesa University. While studying at CMU, she had a professor who showed her how she could intertwine her love of dance, history, and storytelling into her “values-based curriculum” for children.


During these years, Stephanie became NAMC Montessori certified as well as a NAMC Montessori coach. The curriculum she created is based on seven values she named “7 Keys to Greatness” — I Can, Think Positive, Show Respect, Never Give Up, Find a Way, Be a Giver, Become All You Can. After seeing success with this curriculum, Stephanie decided to open up her first pre-K/kindergarten private school.


During these years, she also specialized in children on the autism spectrum and began incorporating essential oils to support mental focus and manage emotions. Stephanie fell in love with these kids and developed numerous effective strategies for bringing out the best in them. Steph loved teaching and loved traveling while on vacation to the Caribbean, where Mike McGuire was the captain of her vacation yacht; she fell in love with her future husband. She knew he was “the one” almost on sight. Mike had so much faith in Stephanie’s ability to inspire children to fall in love with learning; he invested in her by purchasing her first school.


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    After they got married, Mike followed Steph back to Colorado and stayed connected to the water by raising their family on a lake, teaching scuba at CMU, and continuing his career as a competitive spear fisherman worldwide. Stephanie and Mike have two children, Kelston and Savanah, who were home-schooled and raised traveling the world.


    The McGuire’s believe that the world is the best teacher and followed the Thomas Jefferson Education model to teach their children. While raising her family, Steph put together an accredited curriculum for home-schoolers and mentored families who wanted to home-school but were unsure where to start.


    In addition to Stephanie’s entrepreneurial projects in education, she also joined forces with Mike and invested in real estate. The McGuire’s managed four apartment buildings and rentals for over seven years and were able to sell all their holdings for a substantial profit. They also purchased a vacation home in Mexico, which has become a family refuge and a vehicle for service trips and marriage retreats.


    Mike and Stephanie recently took a year off to travel the world together and have become life mentors on marriage and family relations. Stephanie specializes in training on how to organize and run businesses from home and how to heal the primary relationships by leveraging the powerful chemical properties found in essential oils and life-altering mindset techniques.


    Stephanie and Mike are also Diamond Leaders in dōTerra and focus on five healing levels – – physical, emotional, spiritual, social, and financial. Stephanie has opened teams worldwide and provides training programs on health and business in English, Spanish and German.


    To be the path for a lifestyle change with a brand that offers not just essential oils and their benefits as products, but support through education and training, to help guide those hoping and looking for a better, happier, healthier lifestyle.


    Definition of our Logo


    The lotus is considered sacred in many cultures. Lotuses rise from the mud without stains, and are often viewed as a symbol of purity. Since they return to the murky water each evening and open their blooms at the break of day, lotus flowers are also symbols of strength, resilience, and rebirth. The lotus also represents the transcending one’s spirit over worldly matters since it blooms from the underworld into the light.


    There’s an ancient saying in Hindi,
    बूंद बूंद से सागर बनता है
    which translates to ‘Drop by drop, you can fill an ocean’ implying that there is no shortcut to a better lifestyle, no overnight transformation. Drop by drop, little by little, you move to a better, more wholesome, closer-to-nature and closer-to-self lifestyle.


    The brand name points to the journey of transformation that can be made possible with a combination of the magic of essential oils and a bit of self-love and self-care.